We are proud to announce our recent¬†partnership with Alexandra Farms‚ÄĒexceptional growers of fresh cut garden roses. As a result of our association, floral designers can now order varieties¬†by the bunch instead of by the box.¬†We¬†will have a weekly availability of popular garden roses¬†including David Austin varieties.

Alexandra Farms takes great care and pride in producing exceptional,¬†high-end¬†garden roses. Not every supplier can distribute their flowers; strict packaging and shipping standards must be met. We are¬†honored to have been¬†regarded¬†with the same quality service and products as our partners. Garden roses are delicate and must be packaged and shipped with utmost care.¬†Unlike other suppliers’ methods, we package flowers in trays within boxes to ensure they are¬†snug during transit. To preserve the freshness, we place¬†cooling packs and insulation in every box.

With so many colors and shapes available, it’s easy to fall in love with more than one¬†variety. Alexandra Farms produces the most exquisite David Austin garden roses, which are highly regarded in the floral industry. After much request, we will be able to offer luxurious roses such as Constance, Patience, Keira and Beatrice among others.

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Garden roses add a touch of elegance and a sweet aroma to wedding bouquets and centerpieces. The TV series Downton Abbey and the movie The Great Gatsby continues to influence the vintage trend characteristic of the Roaring Twenties decade. Neutral tones such as peach, coral, white, pink, and cream are found in the delicate David Austin varieties such as Peach Juliet and Alabaster.

A bridal bouquet composed of a single variety of fragrant garden roses makes a luxurious statement. Floral designer, Cary Vesco, accomplished just that in her latest client work using the David Austin rose, Patience. The bejeweled bouquet of creamy white and ruffled blooms is simple, without compromising sophistication.


Patience (David Austin) garden roses compose this luxurious wedding bouquet designed by Cary Vesco.

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