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Terms of Sale


We do ask that our customers adhere to our reasonable claim policy which requires claims to be reported within 48 hours of delivery. All claims must be reported to your sales representative.

Our terms for accounts receivables are: NET 10 End of Month

A finance charge of 1.5 % will be assessed on past due accounts.

Additional Invoice Charges

The only additional line item charge(s) you will see on your invoice is the Packing Charge of $20.00 per box and a $7.50 fuel charge. Please note that Virgin Farms reserves the right to add additional charges and tariffs as necessary as conditions change.

Terms of Shipping FOB Miami Trucks/Airlines

Quality Credit/ Claim Policy: We ask that any quality problem be reported to your account manager within 24 hours of product delivery.

Please inspect Flowers upon arrival! On all claims please request a control number from your account manager. Note: Do not discard flowers unless authorized, we often request that they be returned at our expense. All sales are F.O.B. Miami, Fl and Virgin Farms accepts no liability for damage in transit. Title and ownership are passed to the buyer when the product is delivered to designated carrier.

Terms of Shipping Federal Express

Please note that Virgin Farms Inc. ships exclusively via Federal Express and adheres to their terms of service. FedEx does not guarantee overnight delivery to many rural areas of the country. This is especially true in the state of Alaska.

Virgin Farms Inc. is not responsible for shipping delays that occur within the FedEx terms of service. Please consult FedEx or your Virgin Farms account manager if you have any questions regarding your delivery area.

California Agriculture

The state of California may inspect, at any time, any agricultural product entering the state, including cut flowers. This inspection may delay delivery of flowers by up to 24 hours. Virgin Farms Inc. is not responsible for shipping delays due to agricultural inspection.