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Our Flowers Always Arrive First Class

One thing we knew for sure – you can’t deliver flowers this special in a farm box!

We developed custom, dry-pack boxes especially for air transportation that will accommodate various order sizes. You can think of our Virgin Farms box as a First Class cabin for your flowers!

All orders are custom packed under strict refrigeration control and delivered directly to your door the next day to assure that they retain the “farm freshness” we demand.

Every order is shipped via Federal Express Overnight Priority throughout the USA. In most cases, orders placed no later than 5:30 PM EST are delivered to you next day by noon. This may vary depending on your geographical location. Virgin Farms normally ships from Monday through Thursday to all areas nationwide. Saturday delivery may be available in your area for an extra charge.

We pack in 5 different box sizes. The largest holds approximately 14 bunches of long stem roses. Lilies and other delicate flowers receive additional packaging protection within the box. All boxes are pre-cooled before shipping. Insulation and ice packs are used in every box. Our packaging is designed to endure a minimum of 2 days in transit.

Other Delivery Options Include:

  • Special delivery from Virgin Farms van to Miami-Dade, Broward, or West Palm Beach (FL).
  • Order Pick-Up (at no charge) at our facility from Monday through Friday between 9am -5pm.

Delivery and fuel surcharges apply where applicable.

Overnight delivery to retailers and designers directly.