Preserved Roses at Virgin Farms

What if the beauty of a rose lasted forever?

Our innovative product line brings the magic of the enchanted rose from Beauty & the Beast to life. The roses are natural with petals soft to the touch. They have been harvested and cut at the perfect aperture. The rose then undergoes a preservation process and dyed in unique color blends. It needs no water to survive. It is frozen in time, exhibiting the same beauty as its mortal state.

Preserved Rose Size and Colors

There are two sizes of preserved roses: Large (6.0-6.5 cm bloom diameter) and Jumbo (10.0-11.0 cm bloom diameter). Large roses are packaged in a tray of 6 roses, and they are available in 20 unique colors. Jumbo roses are packed one in a small box, and they are also available in the same color choices. The Jumbo roses are also available as flag roses! These are hand-made and each petal is glued individually to form the flag in rose shape.

Care & Handling Tips

Preserved roses do not need water. They have been synthetically altered with a preservation solution to conserve its beauty and natural soft texture of the petals. Roses that are used as display can remain intact and colorful for years. If they will be used as design pieces and reused more than once, they may last up to 6 months with wear and tear. Keep the rose away from sunlight or direct artificial lighting, and avoid heat or humid conditions. It will last longer if kept in an air conditioned space. If the roses become dusty, use a hair dryer from a distance on a low setting to lightly remove the residue.

Packaging and Quantities

Large Preserved Roses

  • 3 tray¬†bundle (18 roses)
  • 5 tray bundle (30 roses)

You may choose one color per tray (example: 3 trays (18 roses); tray 1- red roses; tray 2-yellow roses; tray 3-pink roses). A minimum of 18 roses must be purchased.

Jumbo Preserved Rose

  • Packed Individually / Solid Color (2 roses)
  • Packed Individually / Solid Color (4 roses)
  • Packed Individually / Solid Color (8 roses)

Jumbo Flag Rose

  • Packed Individually / Flag ¬†(2 roses)
  • Packed Individually / Flag (4 roses)
  • Packed Individually / Flag (8 roses)

Jumbo roses may also be one color per box, and each rose is individually packaged. You may also choose the flag of your choice for each box. A minimum of two roses must be purchased.

All orders are shipped via FedEx Ground Delivery (3-5 days arrival). Larger quantities may be accommodated and custom packed. **(Hawaii and Alaska customers, please call for pricing and shipping accommodation.)