The month of October is especially significant in raising awareness for breast cancer.¬†This disease is most common in women, and statistics state that 1 in 8 women in the U.S. will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. Although less common, men can also be at risk‚ÄĒan estimated 2,150 males¬†will be diagnosed with breast cancer each year. Innovative advancements in research and various types of¬†screening methods has decreased the number of deaths due to late diagnosis. Early stage detection is key in preventing breast cancer from progressing or spreading to other areas of the body.

Visit the National Breast Cancer Foundation website to learn more about breast cancer and creating an early detection plan.

To show our support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we dedicate this blog to those who have battled or are currently battling the disease. We have put together an inspiration board with pink floral varieties to inspire your designs.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month Floral Inspiration

Pink Floral Varieties for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Pink Floyd rose
For a bold floral arrangement consider the flamboyance of the Pink Floyd rose. It is a relatively new variety, and has become popular among designers. Characteristics such as its large bloom, sturdy stem, and striking color is the perfect variety to create eye-catching floral installations for any special event.

Pink Snowberry
For festive texture, mix white or light pink snowberries into your floral design. They are available from August through November (Third and Fourth Quarter). The clusters of berries are small enough to use in a boutonniere.

Hydrangea Rodeo Pink
Hydrangeas are excellent for filling space in an arrangement. You can create a lush bouquet without compromising the elegance. Hydrangeas are available in many colors, and an interesting fact is that the colors produced depends on the alkalinity of the soil. High pH levels produce pink flowers, and low pH levels produce blue flowers.

These eye-catching bulb flowers are also known as Thai Tulips. They are available in a variety of colors including pink, white, salmon, purple and white. Curcuma have a long vase life (about 2 weeks) and survive well in water as cut flowers. If you are aiming for a modern and exotic design, this flower will do the trick.

Esperance (rose)
This Ecuadorian bi-color rose has an English garden appeal. The delicate cream petals, blush pink tips and green guard petals makes this rose a contender for wedding floral arrangements and bouquets.

Elegance best describes cymbidium orchids, and in the Victorian era they were quite the luxury flower. They are available in a wide range of colors such as pink, yellow, white, green, orange, and brown. Another reason this flower is popular is its resistance to cold temperatures and floral handling while arranging.

An interesting floral variety that resembles corals from the sea. Celosia is brightly colored in pink, red, yellow, and orange with a velvety texture.

Oriental Starfighter Lily
An alluring Oriental lily with hot pink petals and white edges. Unlike Asiatic lilies, Oriental lilies are highly fragrant. These large blooming flowers are available year round.

Rosita Vendela (rose)
Another popular variety for wedding season is the bi-pink Ecuadorian rose, Rosita Vendela. It is a strong bubble-gum-colored pink rose that slightly fades to white at the edges.