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Our Flowers Always Arrive First Class

Every order is shipped via Federal Express Overnight Priority throughout the United States. In most cases, orders placed no later than 5:30 PM EST are delivered to you the next day by noon. This may vary depending on your geographical location. Virgin Farms normally ships Monday through Thursday to all areas nationwide. Saturday delivery may be available in your area for an extra charge.

Other Delivery Options:

• Special delivery from Virgin Farms van to Miami-Dade, Broward, or West Palm Beach (FL).
• Order Pick-Up (at no charge) at our facility from Monday through Friday between 9am -5pm.
• FedEx Ground
• Truck lines: Prime, Armellini, Golden Lines and Four Star
• Airlines: Cal Air Cargo, Armellini Air, Caribbean and American Airlines
If you are hosting an event or working at another location temporarily, we can also drop-ship your flowers. This is ideal and convenient for destination weddings or workshops being held within the United States.