This wedding season will be more fragrant, more nostalgic, and more romantic.¬†Our weekly garden rose program has been a success since partnering with Alexandra Farms based in Colombia. The quality and freshness of the product¬†is outstanding, and¬†Jose Azout’s passion for cultivating these highly regarded roses is one reason we sought¬†Alexandra Farms as our supplier.

Garden roses will be at peak demand for weddings and events. We recommend booking early in the season to accommodate your design needs. Your account manager will need a list of varieties about two or three weeks before the occasion to coordinate with the purchasing department. Tip: Create a backup list of floral varieties. In the event we do not have availability, we can substitute the variety with another flower.

Some of the classic colors requested for weddings are pastels, coral and peach. We will have popular varieties throughout the garden rose season from April 1st through October 31st, 2015.

Virgin Farms Garden Roses

Virgin Farms Garden Roses


David Austin Varieties

The most popular variety is the subtle peach Juliet garden rose. It is formed into a classic cup shape, revealing romantic rosettes once it blooms. The stems are sturdy and upright, making it a great variety to design bouquets and arrangements.

For brides who want a classic bouquet, Patience is a breathtaking variety that symbolizes purity and innocence. It has an enchanting citrus aroma that captivates the senses. Combined with leafy greens and foliage, makes a divine contrast of colors and textures.

This garden rose is the epitome of romance and nostalgia. The coloration of Constance goes from a blush pink to a lighter peachy-pink center. It blooms out to a shallow-shaped cup and has a fruity fragrance.

Other Varieties

The Piano Series
The piano garden roses have side shoots that never bloom, giving the garden roses a hand-picked aesthetic. Bridal Piano is relatively new, and is a deep cup-shaped bloom. The guard petals are slight minty green, while the bloom itself intensifies from light to a richer pink toward the center of the rose. For a classic romance style, Red Piano is a visually sensational variety. Also a deep cup shape, this variety has a slight fragrance and has a lengthy vase life. Pink Piano is solid pink, or as Alexandra Farms best describes it: strawberries and cream pink. This rose is a great contender for vase work, outlasting other varieties.

The Antike Duo
Romantic Antike¬†has a dusty pink-terracotta coloration that evokes an¬†old-fashioned appearance. It blooms lush and has lovely rosette shaped petals,¬†which fills space in a bouquet.¬†Caramel Antike¬†is Romantic Antike’s sister rose, that is identical in shape but has more of a butterscotch hue. It combines beautifully among pastel flowers for a heavenly bouquet.