Scientific studies show that a person’s mood improves with the presence of flowers. It’s no wonder on special occasions the go-to gift is a floral bouquet. Think of the immediate behavioral response provokes at the sight of the colors, texture and scent of flowers.

In a study conducted at Harvard University, participants reported feeling happier and more positive jumpstarting the day with the presence of flowers. People are usually least energetic in the morning and it is quite common for moods to warm up as the day progresses. Different scenarios were studied to determine the psychological influence of flowers. When a bouquet of flowers was incorporated into the morning routine, participants felt perked up and enjoyed seeing them.

Another study showed that flowers or plants in a home have a positive emotional impact on people. Results conclude that there were feelings of more compassion and less anxiety. Other people reported experiencing a boost of energy that lasted throughout the day. Further observations determined that the best location to place flowers in a home is a kitchen, since it is a common gathering place throughout the day.

Desktop Flower Red Eye RoseIn hospitals, flowers present in the room showed increased well-being among patients. Studies indicate that people were more positive, needed less pain medication, had lower blood pressure and pulse rate, and felt less anxious or tired. Next time you visit a friend or family member, bring them a bright beautiful arrangement of mixed floral varieties and make sure they are aromatic to invigorate the sense of smell.

The color of flowers also determine mood response. Are you experiencing creative block? Studies show that looking at greenery and leafy plants inspired creativity. In an office with plants and flowers, there was better cognitive performance among employees. Flowers with brighter colors and that are next to each other on the color wheel produce a calming effect. Bolder and saturated colors energize people.

In conclusion, flowers in general are beautiful to look at and beneficial for your overall health as scientific studies have proven! Now that you have learned these interesting facts, share it with your customers and let them know that flowers are the perfect gift and remedy for any ailment.

Happy Flower Fact Friday!