Celosia in greek is ‘kelos,’ which means burned and refers to the brightly colored floral head. There are different┬átypes of celosia: The Plumosa┬ágroup┬áhave upright flowers and are┬áfeathery-shaped, while the Cristata type┬áhave intricate ridges that resemble a brain. The flowers are wooly in texture and are usually bright yellow, pink, red and orange.┬áCelosia┬áis native to Asia and Africa, and it is part of the┬áamaranth family. They are typically available during the summer, fall and spring season.

Did you know celosia is used as an herb in some countries? In Nigeria, the young stems and flower heads are used in stews or as a side dish. The leaves are said to taste like spinach. Although there are no proven scientific facts, Celosia is said to have beneficial health properties. It has been used to treat eye conditions and intestinal ailments.

As a cut flower, celosia can last for about two weeks. The bright colors make it especially attractive for bouquet work. They are a particularly great addition to the garden since they attract butterflies.

Celosia Cockscomb

Celosia (cockscomb)