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Frequently asked Questions

Our list of questions includes real life everyday questions from customers as well as questions recommended by retail floral publications such as Floral Management and Florist Review.

What kind of payments does Virgin Farms accept?

We accept all major credit cards. This payment method will also speed upyour delivery time. Non-C.O.D. shipments usually arrive by 10:30AM We also accept C.O.D. payments with no limit with a Money Order, or Company Checks up to $250.00 C.O.D. shipments usually arrive by 12:00 Noon.

What if I have a problem with my products?

Virgin Farms guarantees our product 100%. In real terms, this means thatwe will credit you or ship you replacement products at your request for anyproduct problem you may have experience. We have a reasonable claim policy that requires you to notify us of any problems within 48 hours of receiving your products.

I have a good relationship with my local wholesaler and have used them for years, Why should I change?

You should continue to buy from any vendor that supplies you with excellent products and services. However, it is always a good idea to have several suppliers that you trust. We understand that trust comes slowly and has to be earned. For most of our customers, Virgin Farms supplies between 20-30% of their fresh flower needs. Some customers tell us they use our products for the "TOP 5%" of their most valued and demanding customers that want only the BEST.

Will there be a steady weekly source of supply on varieties I like, especially during a Holiday time?

We carry over 80 varieties of roses weekly. In addition to our retail customers, we specialize in supplying large wedding and special event studios with the variety and quantity they need. Our experienced account managers can guide you in the selection and availability of all of our products.

What is the price structure, and are there any hidden costs?

Prices vary according to length, variety, availability and weekly volume purchased. Seasonal variation may also occur during holiday seasons. In general our rose prices ranges from .49 to .99 cents, including shipping. Please contact us for pricing tailored to your product needs. For other products we carry, please contact us for current pricing. There are no hidden costs. We charge only a packing/cooling charge of $20 per box, regardless of size. You DO NOT incur shipping charges of any kind.

Can I depend on fixed prices if I order on a weekly basis?

Yes, customers that commit to a 52 weeks "standing order" are assured of fixed prices as well as desired varieties. These customers also receive double their weekly rose order at normal prices during holiday periods. Standing order customers receive first priority on all product availability.

How do you pack the flowers?

Roses and all other products are Custom Packed according to your needs. All products are dry-packed in farm fresh condition. We pack in 5 different box sizes. The largest hold approximately 14 bunches of long stem roses. All boxes are pre-cooled before shipping. Insulation and ice packs are used in every box. Our packaging is designed to endure a minimum of 2 days in transit. Lilies and other delicate flowers receive additional packaging protection within the box.

We are a small shop, is there a minimum order requirement?

Our most popular rose pack contains 200 stems. However, we do offer boxes that allow you to purchase fewer roses. These boxes combine roses and other products such as lilies and fillers to complete the box. We also offer box specials as low as $119.00 landed to your door.

Why should I buy direct?

According to a Society of American Florists Floral Management magazine survey, 58% of retail florist ranked Product Freshness as the most important factor in deciding to buy direct. This is in fact the reason most of our customers buy from Virgin farms. The second reason for most customers would be the tremendous variety of flowers that we carry. In roses alone, we stock more than 80 varieties available weekly.

How fresh are the products at Virgin Farms?

We receive flights from Ecuador directly into our Miami facility four times a week. In most cases, you are receiving flowers that are 48-72 hours from the growing areas in Ecuador.

How does Virgin Farms ship and how fast can I expect to receive my products?

All orders are shipped via Federal Express Overnight Priority service. In most cases, orders placed no later than 5:30PM EST are delivered to you next day by noon. This may vary depending on your geographical location. Virgin Farms normally ships from Monday thru Thursday to all areas nationwide. Saturday delivery may be available in your area for an extra charge.