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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Retail florists and professional event planners across the country count on Virgin Farms every day to deliver their premium flowers. We specialize in supplying large wedding and special event studios with the varieties and quantities necessary. Our superior quality, our professionalism and personalized service
is one of the reasons Virgin Farms has been an industry leader.

From the beginning, we are committed to the most genetically superior floral stock raised on our very own farms. Each variety is carefully tended to by trained specialists from the time the flowers are planted to the moment they are harvested. Nurseries are equipped with the most technologically advanced systems to monitor temperature, sunlight and soil condition.

Our floral products are fresh from the farms. Roses are shipped to our facility four times a week directly from Ecuador. In most cases, you are receiving flowers that have been harvested within 48 to 72 hours. Product is custom packed at our facility and delivered direct to your door via FedEx Priority Air to ensure they retain freshness.