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White Cloud Garden Rose

Say, I Do to Our Luxury Fresh Cut Flowers

A bouquet tells a story. As the bride walks down the aisle, the bouquet she holds in her hands should convey her personality and exude grace. It is a key accessory, and essentially an extension of the bridal gown. To create a masterpiece, an artist must use the best medium. For a floral designer, flowers are the paint to a canvas. This wedding season say, ‘I do’ to our luxury fresh cut flowers. At Virgin Farms, we pride ourselves in sourcing first class varieties from all over the world.

Garden Roses – Colombia

David Austin roses are like the refined diamonds to a ring, or the Chantilly lace that delicately embellishes the bride’s wedding gown. Garden roses convey nostalgia and elegance. The most unique and fragrant breeds are harvested from Colombia high in the Andes Mountains. Virgin Farms has the privilege to offer the most sought after varieties such as Juliet, Patience, Constance, White O’Hara and the green-centered pastel garden rose, Charity. 

Premium Roses – Ecuador

It’s not just a rose—it’s an Ecuadorian rose. If they were branded, you might say they are Mercedes class. The blooms are lush and voluminous, with sturdy stems and lengthy vase life. These characteristics and qualities are the reason floral designers choose our roses over any other. High altitude, rich soil and cool weather are the optimum combination, producing the most unique rose varieties and color variations. For weddings, roses are the most reliable flower since they are available year round. Popular varieties include white Mondial, Vendela, and Tibet and the champagne-hued Quicksand.

Dutch Flowers – Holland

Home of the historic Aalsmeer Auction, flowers grown in Holland are top of the line. This is where we source our hydrangeas, tulips, calla lilies, delphinium, lisianthus and other varieties including the highly sought peonies. During the months of April through July, Dutch peonies are in production. The aperture is more large and lush, and the majority of the colors are in season making it the ideal months to have a wedding if peonies are on your bridal couple’s wish list.

Planning for an Event

For weddings or special events, plan ahead. Make a wish list of floral varieties and alternate choices, as well as the quantity necessary for each variety. Contact our account managers two to three weeks before the event to allow us to coordinate with our farms. There are also specific flowers that require advance order placement to ensure production can cover the quantity you need. These items include: garden roses, David Austin roses, peonies, dutch flowers, orchids and phalaenopsis. For Ecuadorian roses and focal and filler flowers, advance notification is required to preorder mass quantities with the farms.

Wedding Season Special Order Flowers

Wedding Season Special Order Flowers

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Choosing a Wedding Bouquet Style

Wedding season will be at its peak beginning the month of April. Brides-to-be will be walking down the aisle holding the second most important element of their special day: the wedding bouquet. When deciding on a color palette and varieties to use for a bouquet, there are some factors to consider.

Spring Bouquet by Marathon Florist

Spring Bouquet by Marathon Florist

What season is the wedding date?
A wedding in the fall would call for earth-toned colors, and certain floral varieties may not be available year-round. It’s always a good idea to communicate to your clients, and inform them on which varieties are feasible for the particular wedding date. (download floral season chart)

What color are the bridesmaids’ dresses?
It’s important to choose colors and varieties that will contrast well with the dresses the bridesmaids are wearing. Once you know the color swatch, it will guide the process of planning the aesthetics of the bouquet. If you need color swatch inspiration a good website is Color Palettes. Pictaculous is also useful—it allows you to upload a photo and generate a palette based on colors in the photo.

What bouquet style does the bride prefer?
Does the bride like a classic cascading bouquet or the modern round bouquet? Depending on the shape of the bouquet, certain floral varieties would be more appropriate. For example, a cascade bouquet would look great with hanging amaranthus, calla lilies or ivy vines.

Asking these questions will help to guide the process of choosing colors and varieties to compose a bouquet for the bride and her bridesmaids. What is your technique and approach to create the perfect wedding bouquet? What questions do you ask? Share your comments with us!

Wedding Resources
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