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Preserved Roses at Virgin Farms

Preserved Roses at Virgin Farms

What if the beauty of a rose lasted forever?

Our innovative product line brings the magic of the enchanted rose from Beauty & the Beast to life. The roses are natural with petals soft to the touch. They have been harvested and cut at the perfect aperture. The rose then undergoes a preservation process and dyed in unique color blends. It needs no water to survive. It is frozen in time, exhibiting the same beauty as its mortal state.

Preserved Rose Size and Colors

There are two sizes of preserved roses: Large (6.0-6.5 cm bloom diameter) and Jumbo (10.0-11.0 cm bloom diameter). Large roses are packaged in a tray of 6 roses, and they are available in 20 unique colors. Jumbo roses are packed one in a small box, and they are also available in the same color choices. The Jumbo roses are also available as flag roses! These are hand-made and each petal is glued individually to form the flag in rose shape.

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Weekly Fresh Cut Garden Roses

We are proud to announce our recent partnership with Alexandra Farms—exceptional growers of fresh cut garden roses. As a result of our association, floral designers can now order varieties by the bunch instead of by the box. We will have a weekly availability of popular garden roses including David Austin varieties.

Alexandra Farms takes great care and pride in producing exceptional, high-end garden roses. Not every supplier can distribute their flowers; strict packaging and shipping standards must be met. We are honored to have been regarded with the same quality service and products as our partners. Garden roses are delicate and must be packaged and shipped with utmost care. Unlike other suppliers’ methods, we package flowers in trays within boxes to ensure they are snug during transit. To preserve the freshness, we place cooling packs and insulation in every box.

With so many colors and shapes available, it’s easy to fall in love with more than one variety. Alexandra Farms produces the most exquisite David Austin garden roses, which are highly regarded in the floral industry. After much request, we will be able to offer luxurious roses such as Constance, Patience, Keira and Beatrice among others.

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Garden roses add a touch of elegance and a sweet aroma to wedding bouquets and centerpieces. The TV series Downton Abbey and the movie The Great Gatsby continues to influence the vintage trend characteristic of the Roaring Twenties decade. Neutral tones such as peach, coral, white, pink, and cream are found in the delicate David Austin varieties such as Peach Juliet and Alabaster.

A bridal bouquet composed of a single variety of fragrant garden roses makes a luxurious statement. Floral designer, Cary Vesco, accomplished just that in her latest client work using the David Austin rose, Patience. The bejeweled bouquet of creamy white and ruffled blooms is simple, without compromising sophistication.


Patience (David Austin) garden roses compose this luxurious wedding bouquet designed by Cary Vesco.

 What is your favorite garden rose variety? Take our survey.









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New Rose Varieties

At Virgin Farms we like to keep our product line fresh (literally). When we bring in new varieties we keep you, the designer, in mind by choosing exotic flowers, colors and visual textures. As always, our products must pass our quality test—some of the benchmarks we check for are bloom size, color, stem/bloom durability, and vase life.


Orange Party


This rose has gorgeous hues in orange-red and yellow with spatters on the petals. It has a strong resemblance to volcanic lava, don’t you agree?








Blue Intrigue


If you’re familiar with the white Mondial rose, then you’ll love the Blue Intrigue. It is a “tipped rose”—meaning the edges of the petals are carefully spray-painted, in this case blue. The farms have perfected this method down to a science to create a “color dip” effect.





Amelia Tint

Purple has always been associated as the color of mystery and royalty. This novelty is actually a white Amelia rose stem-dyed in purple. It absorbs the color from the water and turns a beautiful periwinkle purple with darker edges. Isn’t it enchanting?






Which of these new varieties do you like most, and how would you use them? Share your comments and ideas with us. Subscribe to our blog posts, and check back news and inspiration! 

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New Product Exploration: Eternal Roses

In the classic fairy tale Beauty and the Beast, a prince is condemned to a curse for judging an old beggar woman by her haggardly appearance. This old woman presents a rose as a gift in return for shelter. Without a single ounce of compassion, the prince crudely turns her away. Suddenly the old woman transforms into a beautiful young lady, and tells him that true beauty lies within.

To teach him a lesson, she transforms him into a beastly animal and presents him with “The Enchanted Rose.” The prince is to fall in love and find true beauty before he turns 21. In representation of time and youth, the rose will bloom and eventually perish, condemning the Beast to remain in his state forever.

As with most fairy tales, the prince or princess always finds true love and live happily ever after. Luckily the Beast finds Belle, a young lady who teaches him to see beauty from within.

What if you could make the beauty of a rose last forever?

The Eternal Rose is an interesting product we may offer soon to floral design professionals.

The Preservation Process

These roses are grown at the farms and cut once it has bloomed to the perfect diameter. They are then taken to facility and processed to remove the color. When they are translucent, the roses are placed in a tray for the artificial color tinting process. To maintain the rose’s appearance and shape, it is placed in a chamber to begin the “baking” process of preservation. The end result —a rose that lasts forever: An Eternal Rose.

Colors and Sizes

Eternal roses are available in an array of interesting colors. Some look as natural as the real roses such as the Freedom, Santana, Pink Floyd, and Ocean Song. Other colors are more novelty like black, green, baby blue, teal, and midnight blue.

      • Petite (Diameter 5 cm)
      • Standard (Diameter 6.6 cm)
      • Jumbo (Diameter 7 cm +)


Ideas for Arranging and Styling Eternal Roses

  • Sample Roses

You can keep a display of eternal roses in your floral shop for demonstration purposes.

  • Wedding or Party Souvenirs

Send guests home with an eternal rose as a keepsake of your wedding or event. Place it inside of a glass dome and create a floral terrarium for a rustic appeal.

  • Preserved Bouquets

Most brides wish they could keep their beautiful floral bouquet forever. With eternal roses, the original bouquet can be recreated and kept on display forever.

  • Seasonal Wreaths & Centerpieces

Unfortunately the holidays are only once a year. With preserved roses, you can arrange a wreath for Thanksgiving, Christmas and other major holidays. Bring them out for the season to display at your shop and show customers the designs you can create.

  • Craft Flowers

For crafting projects, eternal roses are ideal. They are dried, so you don’t have to worry about damaging the flower. You can hot glue the rose to Styrofoam or any other surface.

Share your thoughts and Ideas!
We would like your feedback about these preserved roses. How would you utilize them? If we include Eternal Roses in our line of products, would you purchase them?

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