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Throwback Thursday: Trip to Ecuadorian Rose Farms

When you receive your roses from Virgin Farms, it’s not just a product. There’s a story to each rose, from the time it is planted in the ground to the time they are harvested. In September we will be visiting the farms to take you on a journey of the cultivation process.

The pictures below are from our visit to Ecuador in 2004. The cool weather and high altitude is what makes conditions optimal for growing robust roses. There is plenty of work involved in making sure the rose plants have the proper level of sunlight, hydration, and fertilization.

Once the roses are harvested, they are transported to a packaging facility onsite. The roses are checked for quality assurance, and sorted by stem length. Employees then package each bunch in protective insulation and cardboard. The bunches are taken by lot into a cooler where it is a chilly 32℉. The cold chain method preserves the roses’ freshly harvested state until it arrives to you. This is why your flowers often look thirsty upon arrival to your shop. Once you hydrate your flowers, they begin to bloom and show off their beauty.

Visit to our Ecuadorian Farms in 2004

We will be sharing photos and live streaming from the farms in September. Be sure to follow us on social media go on the journey with us! Instagram @virginfarms

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Launching Our New Mobile Website

We are proud to announce the launch of our new mobile website! The web design boutique, Cultura Interactive, has applied their expertise in customized websites built on the WordPress platform, to make the Virgin Farms Direct website responsive. What is this terminology? Responsive means a simplified version of the website adjusts, or responds, to fit the screen size or orientation of any mobile device. So whether you are on your smartphone or tablet, our website will appear the same, whether you’re viewing it vertically or horizontally.

Features on Mobile Site

Menu Tab
Located on the top left corner, you can access our complete website menu: Our Company, Our Flowers, Shop, Care & Handling, FAQs, Blog, and Contact. At the top of the menu, you can search for flowers or any topic. For instance, you can type ‘Freedom’ and the results will show the red rose. You can also type ‘shipping’ and all related topics will appear.

One-Column Display
A different view from our desktop site, the responsive mobile site displays in one column. This makes it easier to scroll and access the information you need with ease. No more zooming in or clicking tiny links!

Toll Free Speed Dial
On the top right corner of our mobile site, you can tap our toll free number. Your phone will prompt you to proceed calling our headquarters. This is a handy feature if you are already browsing the Virgin Farms website, and you want to call to place an order with your account manager.

Mobile Site Screenshot - Our FlowersOur Flowers
Access our floral catalog and navigate by category. If you click on ‘Roses,’ you will then be directed to categories so you browse varieties by color. For example, if you click on Bi-Yellow Roses you will see photos of Circus, High Flame and High Magic.

Track Your Order
At the top of the home page, you can quickly access the FedEx site to track your order. Click Track Your Order and on the FedEx site input your 12 digit tracking number. You will see the last location of your box, or the time it was delivered.

Featured Products From Our Farm
Shop for online-exclusive floral packages. Shopping is much easier on the responsive site, now that everything is displayed in one column. Choose a product, the shipping date and checkout.

Share your comments and thoughts about our new mobile friendly website!

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Pink Floral Inspiration for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The month of October is especially significant in raising awareness for breast cancer. This disease is most common in women, and statistics state that 1 in 8 women in the U.S. will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. Although less common, men can also be at risk—an estimated 2,150 males will be diagnosed with breast cancer each year. Innovative advancements in research and various types of screening methods has decreased the number of deaths due to late diagnosis. Early stage detection is key in preventing breast cancer from progressing or spreading to other areas of the body.

Visit the National Breast Cancer Foundation website to learn more about breast cancer and creating an early detection plan.

To show our support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we dedicate this blog to those who have battled or are currently battling the disease. We have put together an inspiration board with pink floral varieties to inspire your designs.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month Floral Inspiration

Pink Floral Varieties for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Pink Floyd rose
For a bold floral arrangement consider the flamboyance of the Pink Floyd rose. It is a relatively new variety, and has become popular among designers. Characteristics such as its large bloom, sturdy stem, and striking color is the perfect variety to create eye-catching floral installations for any special event.

Pink Snowberry
For festive texture, mix white or light pink snowberries into your floral design. They are available from August through November (Third and Fourth Quarter). The clusters of berries are small enough to use in a boutonniere.

Hydrangea Rodeo Pink
Hydrangeas are excellent for filling space in an arrangement. You can create a lush bouquet without compromising the elegance. Hydrangeas are available in many colors, and an interesting fact is that the colors produced depends on the alkalinity of the soil. High pH levels produce pink flowers, and low pH levels produce blue flowers.

These eye-catching bulb flowers are also known as Thai Tulips. They are available in a variety of colors including pink, white, salmon, purple and white. Curcuma have a long vase life (about 2 weeks) and survive well in water as cut flowers. If you are aiming for a modern and exotic design, this flower will do the trick.

Esperance (rose)
This Ecuadorian bi-color rose has an English garden appeal. The delicate cream petals, blush pink tips and green guard petals makes this rose a contender for wedding floral arrangements and bouquets.

Elegance best describes cymbidium orchids, and in the Victorian era they were quite the luxury flower. They are available in a wide range of colors such as pink, yellow, white, green, orange, and brown. Another reason this flower is popular is its resistance to cold temperatures and floral handling while arranging.

An interesting floral variety that resembles corals from the sea. Celosia is brightly colored in pink, red, yellow, and orange with a velvety texture.

Oriental Starfighter Lily
An alluring Oriental lily with hot pink petals and white edges. Unlike Asiatic lilies, Oriental lilies are highly fragrant. These large blooming flowers are available year round.

Rosita Vendela (rose)
Another popular variety for wedding season is the bi-pink Ecuadorian rose, Rosita Vendela. It is a strong bubble-gum-colored pink rose that slightly fades to white at the edges.

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Virgin Farms will attend the Floral Convention in New Mexico!

If you are in the floral or event planning industry, visit Virgin Farm Direct’s booth at the 22nd Annual Convention. The show is hosted by the New Mexico State and Regional Florists’ Association, and it will take place at the Hilton Santa Fe Historic Plaza.

We will be showcasing our highly acclaimed premium roses from Ecuador, and other fresh cut flowers from around the world including Holland. Our Sales Representatives will be present to inform guests about our superior floral supply service, provide brochures with floral guides and answer questions.

What makes Virgin Farms Direct different from other floral suppliers?

• Order flowers by the bunch
• Free shipping
• Next day delivery via FedEx Priority Overnight
• 100% First Class Satisfaction Guarantee

Virgin Farms has been supplying retailers and event designers with the high quality, fresh flowers since 1997. Our floral products include tropical varieties, mixed greens and other exotic flowers that carry the same quality and guarantee as our premium roses.

Convention Information
Host: New Mexico State and Regional Florists’ Association (22nd Annual Convention)
Location: Hilton Historic Plaza at 100 Sandoval St. Santa Fe, New Mexico
Date: September 6th and 7th, 2014
Time: Begins at 9 a.m.

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Welcome to the new website!

After working closely with the designers at Cultura Interactiva, we’re excited to share the launch of our new website. It has been refreshed and redesigned to simplify navigation, and integrate social media sharing.


After receiving many requests, we will be offering online shopping (coming soon). You’ll have the opportunity to order pre-packaged flower combo boxes or create your own box from available preset varieties. You can choose the shipping date, and receive your order the very next day—same service, with the convenience of ordering online.

Floral Catalog

Our floral catalog has been reorganized and updated with new photos. Now you can browse by category and color (roses), and the new drop-down menu makes it easier to browse through the spectacular varieties we offer.

Track Your Order

Check the status of your order in the “Track Your Order” tab on our homepage. Just enter the 12 digit tracking number found on your invoice to track the location of your box.

Social Media

We’re socially connected, and we want to share the behind-the-scenes at Virgin Farms with you. Follow us on Twitter to chat, stay informed, and make networking connections. Are you a photographer at heart? Follow us on Instagram—you’ll see photos of flowers fresh from the cooler, new arrivals, and candid moments around the office. Participate in our Magical Mosaic challenge every week on Facebook. Every week we post a flower concealed in mosaic form—it is your task to guess the correct variety by submitting your answers in the comment box. The first participant to reveal the mosaic receives a prize! You can also connect with us on YouTube and Pinterest (online pinning board) for inspiration.


You can now sign up to receive our Weekly Specials from Holland. Submit your email and begin receiving promotions, discounts, seasonal specials, and get a heads up on new floral arrivals.


We will be updating our blog with interesting floral tips and trends, contests, and inspiration for floral designers and event planners.

Stay tuned!

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