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Floral Brochures

Experience our First Class Flowers direct from Ecuador, Holland and Colombia. Become familiar with our products, and access our brochures and guides.


Garden Roses (Colombia)

Are you familiar with our garden roses and David Austin varieties? OurĀ posters have photos of the garden roses, the fragrance intensity, and the vase life of the variety for reference.

Poster: Weekly Garden Roses
Poster: David Austin Collection

Tropical Bouquets (Ecuador)

Did you know we import exotic tropical foliage and leaves, heliconia, shampoo ginger, banana plants andĀ musas? We have an extensive chart listing every variety of tropical plants harvested and shipped by the box directly from the amazonĀ junglesĀ in Ecuador.


Dutch Flowers (Holland)

Aside from our roses, we also have a wide range of focal and filler flowers directly from the Holland Aalsmeer Auction. We have compiled charts listing every flower available by season.

Seasons: 1st & 2nd quarter
Seasons: 3rd & 4th quarter

Roses (Ecuador)

We have over 100 unique varieties of roses harvested from our farms located at high altitudes nearĀ the Andes Mountains. The combination of nutrient rich soil and favorable weather conditions produce the most impressive roses in the cut roseĀ industry. Download ourĀ charts and learn the names of our rose varieties!

Poster: Pink, Red, Lavender, White, Novelty
Poster: Bi Pink, Bi Yellow, Orange/Coral, Yellow, Peach, Cream/Champagne

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