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Care & Handling


Virgin Farms Roses are shipped to you in Farm-Packed condition.

We do not process our roses in water prior to delivery as your local wholesaler may do. By not doing so, we extend the life of the rose for your customers to enjoy!

We do not clean the outer petals or “guard petals.” This is nature’s way of protecting the rose. You may remove after processing if so desired.

Our roses will arrive to you thirsty—this is normal. They need a drink! Please process immediately after arrival.

For best results use the following processing guidelines:

  •  Unpack your roses carefully. Leave the wrappers on!
  •  Remove leaves below the flower line, but not above. Cut all stems sharply at an angle. We recommend cutting underwater whenever possible.
  •  Place bunches in a clean bucket of warm water containing a quality commercial hydrating solution such as Pokon & Chrysal RVB. Roses can be left in hydration solution for 24-36 hours. After that, they should be displayed in a flower food solution.
  •  Place roses with the wrappers on inside your cooler for 3-5 hours.
  •  Remove the wrappers, remove the outer “guard petals” and display your roses!

Additional Tips

If roses are to be stored in the cooler for some period of time, make sure the stems and bunches are loose enough in the buckets so that air may circulate properly. Bacteria are the enemy of flowers, especially roses. Keep your buckets and utensils clean and disinfected. Change water frequently.

Note: Roses that become wilted can often be revived simply by re-cutting underwater and placing in a fresh bucket of water or hydration solution.


In general, Tropical Flowers should be processed like any other cut-flower. Temperature is very important however, and Tropicals should NEVER be stored below 55º F.



image002Anthurium: Handle with extreme care. VERY FRAGILE. Best stored at 55º F+ and 95% humidity. Flower heads may be misted daily.


image004Bird Of Paradise: Best stored between 55º F and 70º F. Blooms may not emerge from the pod, so you may have to open them manually. To do this, make a half inch slit at the end of the rod near the stem, reach in, and carefully lift out some of the petals. Remove the white membrane, which separates the layers.

Heliconia: Best stored at 65º F or above. Excessive moisture may promote rot.