There’s something wholesome about the fall season. The foliage changes, the air becomes crisp—a sense of warmth overcomes our surrounding. Autumn is a great season for weddings. Not only is the weather favorable, but a larger array of floral varieties are readily available. Halloween and Thanksgiving is also approaching, and our farms have already begun to grow and harvest the earthy, auburn tones that are popular around this time of the year.

Below are some popular rose varieties. You may recognize Free Spirit, a peachy-orange rose with beautifully ruffled edges. The tangerine-orange hue of the Santana rose is impressive. The ever so seductive and classic Forever Young and Freedom are two of our best-selling red roses. If you like bi-colored roses, Circus and High Magic are excellent choices.

Autumn Roses

Aside from our roses, we bring other fillers and focal varieties: mini callas, Magical Hypericum Berries (new at Virgin Farms), Asiatic lilies, Oriental lilies, assorted spray roses, and carnations. As always, we’re here to lend a hand—if you’re looking for a specific variety, we can help you find it.

Sprays, Lilies, Carnations

Each year we offer the Fall Novelty Pack. It’s a tray with an assortment of poms including spiders, disbuds, cushions, and daisies. We custom pack it within the box size you choose, along with other product you need. For instance, some of our customers order the Fall Novelty Pack and a few bunches of roses or fillers. Once the box is filled to capacity, we’ll ship your order. This is a popular floral tray, so reserve those poms before they’re sold out!

Shipments begin Monday, September 23rd through Tuesday, November 26th, 2013.

Novelty Fall Pack

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What are your favorite varieties during this time of year? Share in the comments section.