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Choose from our extensive inventory and order your flowers by the bunch.  We import over 120 varieties of roses from Ecuador and focal and filler flowers from around the world.



We work with small retail shops to large corporate events and wedding planners. Fill any of our four box sizes to capacity with the flowers and quantities you need.



All orders arrive to your door the next day. We offer free shipping nationwide via FedEx Priority Overnight or your preferred truck line.


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Perfect flower arrangements each and every time, to make your special moments last forever.


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Discovering the Quality Control Process of Ecuadorian Roses

We had the opportunity to visit one of our suppliers in Ecuador: Florícola Ecoroses, located in the city of Machachi. This beautiful region near majestic volcanoes such as The Illinizas, is surrounded by incredible rose plantations. The region of Machachi…

Visit to the Flower Farm in Cayambe, Ecuador

We ventured out to the flower farm in the north region of Cayambe, Ecuador. Cayambe is a zone characterized by its surrounding highlands and mountains, with mild weather ranging from 60°F to 68°F. It is also known for its flower…

Flower Fact Friday: Celosia

Celosia in greek is ‘kelos,’ which means burned and refers to the brightly colored floral head. There are different types of celosia: The Plumosa group have upright flowers and are feathery-shaped, while the Cristata type have intricate ridges that resemble a brain. The flowers are…

Flower Fact Friday: Kale

Kale is also known as ornamental cabbage, and it belongs to the cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower family. The leaves are flat and broad with contrasting colors. Kale grows best between October and November in full sun. They thrive in cold weather, and…

Principles of Flower Design

The art of designing floral arrangements may seem simple. Just grab a bunch of flowers, put them in a vase and voila! You are a designer. To really master a profession, dedicate yourself to learning a profession well through preparation….

Flower Fact Friday: Heliconia

Did you know Heliconia is a tropical plant named after Mount Helicon and is derived from the greek word ‘helikonios’? In Greek mythology, Mount Helicon was the seat of the Muses, which were said to remain young and beautiful forever…

Jules Elie Dutch Peony

What a spectacular transformation from bud to blossom! Jules Elie is a rosy-pink peony and its bloom characteristic is bomb shape. It has a few rows of guard petals on the outer part, and smaller feathery-shaped petalodes bunched in the…

Say, I Do to Our Luxury Fresh Cut Flowers

A bouquet tells a story. As the bride walks down the aisle, the bouquet she holds in her hands should convey her personality and exude grace. It is a key accessory, and essentially an extension of the bridal gown. To create…