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New Poster! Premium Garden Roses
Posted by Christina - October 11, 2017

Garden roses are the second most popular flower apart from peonies. Since our partnership with Alexandra Farms, we have had the privilege to provide professional floral designers with exceptional garden roses including David Austin varieties.The farms are always breeding and testing new garden roses. We have updated our poster to include the beautiful varieties that have been developed and a more comprehensive David Austin section.

Princess Kishi
This variety is an impressive raspberry color with a unique green center. Princess Kishi is versatile for any season whether you are looking to achieve autumn elegance or a tropical aesthetic.

Peach Mayra
A ruffle-shaped garden rose which is very similar to Free Spirit. The center is a sherbet peach and fades lightly to a light pink. The blossom is lush just like Ashley. Peach Mayra makes up a stunning ombre wedding bouquet.

White Cloud
One of the varieties classified as a white garden rose, White Cloud is a delicate bone color with a slight buttercream peachy center. The rose is a cup shape and blooms out like a dish with a four hearted center. This variety is perfect for weddings especially cascading bouquets to achieve a timeless and romantic design.

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