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Fact Friday: Mitad Del Mundo

Posted by Christina - February 22, 2018

The earth has always been a topic of curiosity to humankind and science. Astronomers, geographers, scientists, and chemists have solved the most mysterious theories and phenomena throughout the centuries. Once it was proven the earth was indeed round, a geodesic mission to find the center of the earth began in 1735. Two missions were launched […]

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Fact Friday: The Legend of Catuña

Posted by Christina - February 02, 2018

Legend has it that the 16th century San Francisco church was constructed on a pact with the devil. An indigenous native named Catuña, was hired by the Franciscan friars to complete the project in six months. Catuña and his men worked tirelessly but much was left to finish. On the eve of the deadline, the […]

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