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Virgin Farms is a nationwide distributor of roses from Ecuador and other products from around the world. We offer a unique floral product that promises to be of superior quality, extreme freshness and unmatched variety. Our combination of professionalism and friendly, hassle-free service has made Virgin Farms an industry leader.

What makes Virgin Farms different from other floral suppliers?

  • Virgin Farms is a leading supplier of premium roses, offering over 130 varieties of the most unique color creations ever developed. It is this variety, in addition to our guaranteed freshness and quality, which has helped instill our reputation as the FIRST CLASS FOR FLOWERS industry leader in roses and other fresh cut flowers from around the world.
  • Virgin Farms offers a complete line of floral products including tropical flowers, mixed greens, focal flowers and exotic flowers with the same quality and guarantee as our roses.
  • Virgin Farms is your Direct-To-Retail and Event Planner Specialist. We have been supplying florists, wedding and event designers with the finest quality and the most impressive floral varieties from around the world.
  • Virgin Farms allows you to order flowers by the bunch. Unlike other floral suppliers, you are not constrained to buy a box of one variety, and there are no price minimums.

Flowers from our worldwide sources are custom packed at our facility and delivered directly to your door the next day, via FedEx, to ensure that they retain the “farm freshness” that we demand.

A testament to the variety, quality and freshness of Virgin Farms’ product is the fact that we have been recipients of many awards, including “Blue Ribbons” from the prestigious Society of American Florist Outstanding Varieties Competition.

At Virgin Farms we take pride in the quality and freshness of our products, and as always, we stand behind them with a 100% satisfaction guarantee policy.